Stylish Headboards

Paris in Linoso Cream illustrated

All of the headboards in our range are of the highest quality - fully upholstered and floor standing. We offer 27 material options (See our material range). The material is upholstered front and back, ensuring a stunning finish from any angle.


We also have 12 headboard designs in our range, inspired by some of the great cities of the world. The designs compliment a range of styles, either accentuating your bed as the focal point of the room, or softening the look to blend with your décor. With the Paris headboard we also offer a winged finish.


By floor standing, the weight of the headboard is dispersed to the floor, with fixings to the rear of the divan. This ensures a sturdy secure fixing, which can be free standing and does not require the wall support.  The width of the headboards in our range align with the width of the mattress and divan set.


Should you wish for bespoke material, colour, wings or an extra wide headboard, please email us ( with your enquiry.


Our headboard range is illustrated below – please click to reveal the chosen headboard in our full colour range.