Cotton&Co. have searched the British high street and attended the bed conferences to establish direct ties with the leading manufactures of traditional handmade mattresses, divan beds and high quality floor-standing headboards. We are able offer prices at least 30% below similar products.  

Here is how we do it:

Online Shopping
No storage
5 star

We buy direct from the British manufactures, who craft mattresses and divan beds using traditional methods and the finest materials, ensuring the highest quality and standards. The manufacturers we use are members of National Bed Federation.


As a predominantly on-line business, with minimal overheads we are able to offer bespoke customisation to our clients and ensure attractive pricing.


We don't store products. We cut out the middlemen and the high street, going directly to the designers and manufacturers, delivering from their factory to your door. 


We group our orders every two weeks to combine the manufacturing request and lower the transportation costs, enabling us to pass the savings on our customer.


Cotton&Co just care about getting you access to the finest  handmade mattresses, divan beds and headboards, at an appropriate price.


We believe that Cotton&Co offer a unique product for the Polish market. A wide range of made to order divan beds, headboards and high quality handmade mattresses, giving you the customer the ability to customize your design.


Cotton&Co offer our customers a saving of at least 30% off the prices of similar products – based on closest equivalent in design and functionality. 


We have established a strong relationship with the manufacturers, ensuring that the quality of the product is uncompromised.


Our products are made to order, so you get quality and beautiful design at an unbeatable price, delivered to your door stress free.