Quality & Comfort

Our mattresses are filled with natural products and upholstered in Belgium woven natural viscose damask. The natural fillings provide fantastic comfort and help regulate body temperature by drawing moisture away from the body. The natural fillings used are:

  • 1250 gsm layered natural wool / cotton blend
  • 250 gsm wool silk with cashmere
  • 1200 gsm bonded cotton
  • 170 gsm spring insulator

We only use high quality pocket springs made by Agro Gmbt. Within these units each spring is individually housed in a fabric pocket and moves independently - this means the springs only compress where a person lies, allowing for motion separation between both sides of the bed. A flat metal frame around the perimeter of the pocket spring unit ensures the integrity of the nested pocket springs.

A quintessential part of the traditional British manufacturing of mattresses is hand side stitching. All of our mattresses are tailored with hand side-stitched borders for improved edge to edge support. The 1000, 1500, 2000 and Interactive pocket spring mattresses have 2 rows of stitching, and the 3500 pocket spring mattress has 3 rows.

The natural fillings in your mattress - cotton, wool, cashmere, silk - will tend to settle over the first few weeks or months. Please do not worry if hollows appear in the regions of the mattress where you sleep the most as this is the result of the fillings compacting under body weight. This action is quite normal and not a fault. Over time all the fillings will compress and reach an equilibrium level. This process will be helped by both turning and spinning the mattress regularly.