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Mattress Care and Advice

It is very important that you apply necessary care to your mattress to enjoy the comfort and support for the longest possible time.


Because Cotton&Co. use generous layers of the finest upholstery materials, they may take longer than inferior quality mattresses to settle evenly. The settlement will first be evident in the most common sleeping positions; this is quite normal and should not concern you.


Your new mattress may seem a little strange at first. Your body will take some time (typically 2-3 weeks) to adjust from your old bed to the new one. Also during this time the natural fillings used in our mattresses will settle.


We recommend that you:


DO rotate and flip the mattress turning it from side-to-side and top-to-tail each week for the first three months, and subsequently once a month. This is illustrated below:



Please note, that even with this turning there is the possibility that the upholstery in the centre of the mattress may settle more quickly, as the body weight is concentrated there. This is not a fault, and with correct turning the upholstery will settle evenly over the whole mattress with time.


The handles are designed to help you position a mattress on its base, please do not use them to support the full weight of the mattress as they may pull out and damage the fabric.

DO use a mattress protector to provide shield the mattress from accidental soiling as well as from natural body moisture. This also helps safeguard your guarantee.


DO air the mattress regularly. In the morning turn back the bedding and leave the bed to air for 20 minutes to allow body moisture to evaporate. This also helps prevent the body moisture reacting with fabric dyes and staining.



We recommend that you:


DO NOT fold or roll the mattress, even for temporary storage or removal as this will cause  permanent damage to the internal components.


DO NOT Sit or apply unnecessary weight to the edges of the mattress which could damage the borders.


DO NOT let children (or adults) use the bed as a trampoline as this may damage the mattress.


DO NOT use chemical or detergent cleaners as these may adversely affect not only the covering material and stitching but also some of the cushioning materials used. In the event of soiling, the mattress may be lightly sponged with a weak solution of soap and water. Excessive wetting can damage the fabric.


DO NOT use a vacuum on the mattresses a this may lead to unnecessary disturbance of layer fillings. Dust and fluff can be removed from your bed by using a soft brush every few months or when necessary.


DO NOT overload the storage drawers as they have been designed primarily to hold bed linen, clothing and lightweight items. Excessive weight can cause distortion or damage to the drawers. Over filling them may restrict free movement or cause them to jam.


DO NOT use a new Cotton&Co. mattress on an old, or inferior base. This could damage or prematurely age the mattress.